Software Ergonomics

2002, DSGI Ergonomic Engineering Office Ltd, Hungary

• The course presented the principles of human information processing, the human-computer interaction (HCI) types and their applications, the factors influencing the usability of software, the methods that support the design of ergonomic user interfaces and the ergonomic testing methodologies.
• The exposed theoretical considerations were put into practice during a hands-on UI design exercise that lasted throughout the whole ten-week duration of the training.

Introduction to Leadership

2004, GE Healthcare Technologies, Hungary

• Part of the standard menu of GE Leadership courses. It establishes a clear understanding of the History and Culture of the General Electric Company, and it introduces the new or emerging leader to the GE Leadership Model along with key tools for developing effective leadership skills and practices.

Interviewing Job Candidates

2004, GE Healthcare Technologies, Hungary

• This is a practical course with tools and methods to help the interviewer define exactly what he is looking for in a job candidate and to prepare for the interview. It offers checklists and discussion guides for asking the right questions to get relevant answers. It also addresses the most common legal pitfalls and how to avoid them, as well as issues to be considered when evaluating a candidate.

European Computer Driving License (ECDL/ICDL)

2006, WELCOME E-Learning

The European Computer Driving License (known outside of Europe as International Computer Driving License) is an introduction to information technology and provides instruction and practice in computer use.

The latest versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office were used for demonstration purposes during the presentation of the seven modules: Concepts of Information Technology (IT basics), Computer Usage and File Management (Windows XP basics), Word Processing (Word), Spreadsheets (Excel), Database (Access), Presentation (Power Point), Information and Communication (Internet basics).

European Business Competence* License (EBC*L)

2006, WELCOME E-Learning

• The European Business Competence* License is an internationally recognized certificate, which attests to core knowledge in the area of business management.
• The Level A training included the following modules: Understanding Business Finance, Cost and Price Analysis and Measuring Business Performance.

DICOM & Connectivity

2003, GE Healthcare Technologies, Hungary

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is the standard communication protocol used within the Hospital Information System (HIS). It allows transfer of patient data, work items, performed procedure steps, image data and storage requests.

Cerebral angiography

2003, GE Healthcare Technologies, Hungary

• Dr. Szikora István from the National Scientific Institute for Neurosurgery presented how Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) is used for detecting and treating aneurysms in the brain.
• The training enabled the members of the software engineering team to understand how the customers are using the system, allowing us to be more customer-focused when designing new features.

French Language Course

2004-2005, Voilà Language School, Hungary

• Took preparing courses for the DELF (Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française, the French equivalent of the English proficiency test TOEFL) with the help of a French native teacher.